5 Key Reasons You Should Invest In Identity And Access Management for Your Business

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With the advent of digital transformation, businesses across the globe have scaled up to new heights. Every organization has its own set of business functions, with dedicated teams operating on them and generating huge piles of files. Large teams working with loads of data can lead to numerous confusions about who needs access to which data/files. 

In addition, security concerns are not new for businesses when it comes to handling sensitive data. Intentionally or not, unintended access to corporate data by an employee can turn up into data loss or leak which is detrimental to the business. 

In this digital era, data is a prime asset for businesses. Therefore, it is of high priority to maintain its integrity. All of these pave the path for an identity and access management solution that helps organizations manage user access to IT assets. 

What is IAM?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) focuses on ensuring that access to key business data is provided to the right resources while remaining inaccessible to others. According to Gartner, “IAM enables the right access to the information, for the right people, for the right reasons, and at the right time."

The Many Benefits of IAM

IAM undoubtedly is beneficial for organizations. Here are some areas where IAM can bring a positive change:

#1 Reduced Risk

IAM gives you more user control, which means your organization becomes less prone to internal and external data theft. In the event of hacking, where typically hackers use the user credentials to gain access to the key resources and networks, it is important. 

#2 Enables Highly Secure Access

With the expansion of your business, new employees, third parties, and customers keep on adding up which in turn increases your risk. IAM solutions help you expand your business operations without worrying about security. 

#3 Helps You Stay Compliant

A well-designed IAM solution can help your company fulfill its compliance needs while helping you stay updated with the changing data security regulations. 

#4 Largely Reduces Helpdesk Tickets

IAM finds the user’s requirements and accordingly resets the credentials and the support team will help to automate the same. To get authentication, the user should verify their identity first which reduces the burden on the administrator and helps them focus on the other priority tasks. 

#5 Reduced IT Costs

Identity and access management helps reduce operational costs. With federated identity access management, you can simply eliminate the local identities required for external users which in turn make the administration of the application a lot easier. The cloud IAM solutions eliminate the need for on premise infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs. 

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the IAM framework gives an edge to businesses over their competitors. Identity and access management provides key data access to the external users without jeopardizing security and helps them perform their tasks effortlessly. 

The benefits mentioned here—are just the tip of an iceberg; IAM comes with many benefits for your organization. If you are planning to implement an identity and access management solution in your organization, please feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.  Bridgesoft, bringing a pioneer in the IAM arena helps you sail smoothly through the processes and customize the identities across your resources. 

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