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To define, cloud services include platforms, software, and infrastructure that are hosted by other third-party providers and are provided as a service to the users online.
Cloud services enable the data flow from the front-end to the provider's systems via the internet. Cloud services can be accessed by the users irrespective of the operating system and computer they are using.
IAM is a framework of business policies, technologies, and processes that enable the management of digital identities effectively. It can be deployed on a cloud by a third-party provider or on-premises. It combines all the access control services into the cloud through a single system and provides a reliable set of processes. Remote data centers are used to put digital assets of cloud computing.


Below are the few benefits of cloud-based identity management.
It provides a reliable access control interface. Cloud IAM services offer a transparent access control interface- it is applicable for any cloud service.
It provides better security. If required, it is easy to define enhanced security levels for key applications.
It facilitates organizations to access IT assets at different levels. Organizations can outline roles and provide authorizations to the appropriate users for accessing applications/software at various granularity levels.

Benefits of IAM Cloud Services

Our IAM cloud services are scalable, reliable and cost effective
Shifting to the cloud can be cumbersome and exposes businesses to new threats and challenges. Bridgesoft helps businesses secure and accelerate IT transformation.
With our cloud services, manage all the employers and access for on-premises as well as cloud resources in one place.
It is easy to reduce IT disruptions. Easily automate the time-taking tasks such as password resets, provisioning a deprovisioning to help IT people focus solely on the transformation of the business.
Easy and better user experiences. Enable employee productivity and avoid password issues with a unified access experience across the on-premise and cloud devices and applications.
Easy and better user experiences. Enable employee productivity and avoid password issues with a unified access experience across the on-premise and cloud devices and applications.


Bridgesoft Solutions helps organizations to deliver an improved customer experience and secures the managed identities. With our cloud services, businesses can provide an efficient login process, signup, password management, along with securing consumer accounts and fulfilling the required data privacy policies.
In comparison with traditional deployments using on-premise servers, Bridgesoft Solutions enables everything for its clients, including infrastructure management, data, maintenance, compliance, security, upgrades, and comprehensive privacy with round-the-clock technical support. The cloud IAM solutions completely fulfill specific privacy protocols and simplify things by providing consumer control while the data needs to be centralized.
We implement a security-first approach to cloud services and we design our services to ensure the client goes through a transparent, phase path to moving to the cloud. Our team of cloud experts helps you shape, design, and implement your cloud plan, according to your processes, people which is vital for efficient cloud adoption.
Kick-start your cloud services implementation and steer ROI by teaming up with industry-best consultants, experts, and support executives.
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