The healthcare sector is one of the sectors that have experienced disruptive technologies and digital transformation. As a result, healthcare organizations started facing challenges that if not addressed can be detrimental. Also, it is important for healthcare institutions to shift to advanced healthcare services to reduce the occurrences of data thefts, safety risks and manage issues with patient data security.
Organizations operating in the healthcare industry are responsible for safeguarding the sensitive data referred to as protected health information (PHI) from the hackers/dark web. The costs of PHI breach costs manifolds more than the price of financial information and hence it poses a great challenge for the healthcare providers to protect PHI from any cybercriminals. More often, cyber-attacks arise internally, it can be its own employees or other stakeholders.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare sector today faces a myriad of challenges in a constantly evolving landscape. The technological advancements, increasing regulations, and the need to enhance operational efficiencies and cost reduction: all these pose challenges to healthcare systems.
Protecting healthcare data becomes a high priority as the healthcare industry has embraced advanced methodologies for storing and protecting e-health data. A widely used and effective approach to store and secure confidential patient data is using identity and access management.
Identity and access management (IAM) forms the basis for any healthcare institution's security efforts. IAM helps prevent unauthorized access to PHI and enables the right people to have access to it. In addition, an efficient IAM solution helps reduce costs, limit the frequency of support calls, enhance user experience, while maintaining security. Whether the data is on-premise, on the cloud, or in any hybrid environment, the IAM solution should be secure, scalable, adaptable, and seamless.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

Organizations starting from individual clinics to large healthcare providers, depend on identity automation daily to provide quality care to their patients. In the era where healthcare IT staff are striving to strike a balance between getting enough access and data security, our solutions provide matchless security, a high level of identity management efficacy, and accessibility. Bridgesoft solutions offer healthcare providers the capabilities they require to restructure the access and enhance efficiency while securing patient privacy and fulfilling compliance requirements.
Bridgesoft’s healthcare IAM solution helps healthcare organizations to effectively deliver highly tailored, compliant, better quality, and secured healthcare services. Bridgesoft provides identity and access management services for the healthcare industry. Our IAM solutions provide incorporation of IAM capabilities with accurate, robust, and secure access. In the healthcare arena, Bridgesoft has partnered with the top-layer healthcare organizations and supported them in the successful adoption of identity services. Bridgesoft brings in the flexibility to offer access control to sensitive patient information and puts it into the clinical landscape. We have a track record of providing personalized IAM solutions that suits your specific organizational needs. We offer the following IAM services.
Single sign-on enablement
Access management & governance
Multifactor authentication
Password management
Mobile access management
Regulatory compliance
Embrace our IAM solution and experience the benefits like never before!
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