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The government is experiencing rapid transformations owing to changing socio-economic circumstances and is embracing digital transformation to enable decisions steered by data, transparency, and better service to citizens. With the advent of digitization, the local, state, and federal governments should make sure they are equipped with the appropriate technologies, adapt key IT initiatives and projects, and develop effective technology strategies. The important aspect is to implement digital transformation with improved data access, cost optimization, and data-based operations.

Key Challenges Faced by Government

The government agencies today confront numerous technology issues which include obsolete processes, siloed legacy systems, and a high-priced governmental accounting cycle. Due to all the aforementioned challenges, numerous government agencies are in search of unique creative processes to overcome the problems hindering the implementation of the new-age technologies. In addition, as security loopholes increase, citizens, contractors, and employees confront with usability and access issues while attempting to steer through different systems. All these systems are needed to enable effective working environments for the staff.
In this technology-driven environment, the government IT infrastructure is complex and needs careful management. A quickly developing user base with varying requirements, lifecycles, and workstyles should be backed by critical, cost-heavy, and sensitive legacy systems that need more processing time with restricted scalability and automation. Moreover, this burden has also hindered the innovation aspect in the government, in which the new advancement of applications, resources, and devices available in the industry is unfeasible by employees, impeding productivity.
On the other hand, government staff and citizens are majorly digital consumers who demand quick, easy, and seamless experiences from government entities. Though, numerous local and state governments maintain a multi-layered network of schemes that make it complex for the users to access the applications they need for day-to-day life. In this scenario, a flexible, secure, and reliable identity and access management (IAM) solution that helps the government work more efficiently is crucial.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

Bridgesoft’s IAM solutions enable digital transformation for local and state governments. We help government agencies to maintain the security of the application access and efficiently manage multiple identities over the hybrid environments. In addition, we help you provide a modern authentication experience for your employees and other stakeholders. We provide tailored IAM solutions for the ever-changing government concerns and better service for the government bodies and citizens as well.
Our solutions help you protect applications, credentials, and confidential data with secure multi-factor authentication. We make it possible to achieve granular security policies based on location, user, and location. It is all automated process and real-time when it comes to role-based access.
On the other hand, our solutions help manage costs and enhance operational efficiencies using intuitive and automated workflows that speed up application release, on and off-boarding procedures. Within no time, you could experience a decline in helpdesk requests. Our team of experts can make it happen, please feel free to reach us to learn more about our services.

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