Automotive Industry

In the current digital age, cyber is progressing almost into every sector. Specifically in the automotive sector where emergent and advanced technologies are steering major disruption in many facets of the automotive landscape.
From the last few years, technology has brought a major change in our vehicles, whether it is to provide better satisfaction to the customer, security, and safety. Currently, as the interconnected devices and vehicles that generate and operate on the data devoid of human involvement—technology has emerged as a critical element of the mobility strategy.
Nevertheless, this transformation from a situation of closed, independent vehicle systems to a more interconnected vehicle environment comes with its cybersecurity challenges. The players in the automotive industry need to shed a light on different cyber security issues before intelligent mobility takes over the industry. This novel security model affects not just the privacy and common security problems but also impacts the physical safety of the riders/drivers. Hence, cybersecurity is the top priority for the automotive sector while evaluating the resilience and reliability of a vehicle.

Key Challenges Faced by Automotive Industry

The way the automotive industry is progressing nowadays, it needs a robust cyber security strategy according to the requirement, and that requirements keep on evolving. With the automotive sector investing in new technologies and restructuring their main architecture to enable advanced collaboration, their security strategy should change. The majority of the organizations are managing well at a basic level; however, a lot more needs to be done when it comes to cybersecurity. Any vulnerability can lead to the shutdown of the entire system and any data breach can severely affect the entire ecosystem.
To overcome these challenges, the players in the automotive sector should remain vigilant, secure, and resilient by implementing secure, multi-layered security solutions to protect their data and systems from attacks/risks. It is time to adopt tailored identity management and security solution that helps them move forward with the emerging technology without compromising on security.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

Without a robust identity access management solution, digital key security is highly challenging when compared to conventional key access. Now, automotive market players should take measures against digital key spoofing, effectively enroll/revoke the access to keys and protect their database of sensitive information regarding digital keys. Our IAM solutions can help you with overcoming all these challenges.
In addition, with the change in driving habits, the security and identity requirements have changed. The car-pooling and ridesharing applications have become common these days. The automotive makers and developers should embrace secure, authorized identity management solutions to help drivers attend a ride while avoiding inappropriate access. Bridgesoft solutions are your security partner to make your automotive business thrive without any data breaches and security concerns. Our solution portfolio for the automotive industry includes but is not limited to IAM services, digital transformation, cloud, technology advisory, and managed services.
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