Energy Industry

The energy sector is experiencing a huge transformation and technological innovation to evolve ambitiously and to also fulfill the evolving customer need for green energy.
With the digital transformation of the energy sector, the business processes should embrace change to strike a chord with the evolving market and consumer needs. Organizations in the energy industry are now showing keen interest in modernizing the in-house environment to optimize efficiency and keep up their brand name. in addition, this industry is highly regulated, the regulations keep on becoming complex, thanks to its dynamic technological environment. The idea of privileged access is quite common in energy companies to limit the system/data access. So, it has become important for the energy industry to reduce operational outlay and environmental effects and enhance the efficiency of supply chains.

Key Challenges Faced by Energy Industry

For the players of the energy sector, one common challenge is—the distributed workforce, both on the physical and geographical front. Other than office, employees are distributed across geographies. For example, an electrician fixing the lines or a team working at an oil well. Hence, it is difficult to manage access to all the workforce, irrespective of their role, network they are accessing, devices, designation, etc.
In addition to this, the workforce keeps on changing owing to the nature of the business. The processes such as onboarding, promotions, exits, retirement will need a lot of changes to the access authorizations. The companies need to have a robust process to manage the identities and accesses efficiently.
The adoption of hybrid and remote work models due to the current situations has made it even more challenging for an industry that is globally distributed. With more cloud and IoT applications and devices, more endpoints keep surfacing for the hackers which are not something that should happen. Due to all these reasons, energy companies are in dire need of an effective identity and access management system specifically designed to meet their needs.

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