Aviation Industry

Aviation is predominantly a technology-driven industry. From the beginning, the aviation sector has been constantly embracing new technologies which resulted in cutting-edge aircraft flying capabilities. Whether it is early alert systems to prevent unforeseen disasters or climate analysis tools that can enable a favorable flying environment and more. In addition to the effective management of flight operations, aviation companies need to focus on customer satisfaction including on-air and off-air services.
Moreover, the emerging digital technologies have added more responsibilities to the aviation sector urging it to implement more advanced technologies. As a result, the aviation industry today is an ongoing competition of updating to increased connectivity, better monitoring and tracking systems, enhanced security and biometric systems, virtual reality, access management, on-air services—to mention a few of the cutting-edge features the industry is implementing now.

Key Challenges Faced by Aviation Industry

It is a very known fact that technological progress is always accompanied by related challenges—the aviation industry is not an exception with the high-end technologies it is implementing.
Aviation is confronted with a range of issues including safety, security, and occupational risks. In specific, security technology is deployed to reduce, monitor, and identify the events which can lead to serious issues.
The aviation facilities and their information systems are managed by numerous third-party entities. Hence it demands a high level of cooperation and coordination to make sure the access to critical systems is provided only to the authorized persons, only when needed. The division of administrative rights makes the identity and access management in the airport environment cost-heavy and troubled with replication and prone to errors. Maintaining access authorizations updated with the recruitment of new employees, employee exits, or when they move to other roles/tasks pose a big challenge. There is a need for an identity and access management solution that enables the proper management of authorizations.
On the cybersecurity front lies a new set of challenges. And therefore, it is becoming more challenging to protect the passengers, trading partners, and flight crews.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

With our proven experience in providing solutions specifically designed for the aviation industry, we can help you fulfill all your business needs. Also, our security analytics helps you to quickly address the issues. Typically, airports use different access controls and credential systems, it differs from country to country. It makes the job of the aircrew challenging to get access to airports other than their home base. Generally, the aircrew should carry different access cards and still they face access deny issues sometimes. Bridgesoft solutions help you overcome all these hurdles by providing a single card to get access at any airport. Also, our cloud services cater to a myriad of your service needs, which could be easy data records maintenance and application support.
Bridgesoft helps you maintain a secure and robust IT infrastructure that ensures optimal server maintenance, strong system support concerning security, uninterrupted customer services, maintenance, and monitoring. We help you make the best suitable technology decisions that provide you an edge over your competitors. Our technology advisory services help you devise a customized and well-suited corporate IT strategy.
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