Retail Industry

With the advent of the digital revolution, the retail industry has experienced a major transformation as the client base is shifting incessantly from offline shopping to online shopping channels. Now, the players in the retail sector need to focus on better services to both online and offline customer requirements.
The retail industry is expecting an all-time high data exchange, customer-based digital platforms, and connected devices. The goal is to provide a multi-channel experience by assessing and understanding customer and product data using the back-end systems and marketing campaigns. In addition to these new advancements, the companies are facing old challenges such as a lack of storage applications, business models, and infrastructure issues to implement the latest technologies. So, there is a huge need to build a comprehensive and interconnected shopping experience that can help retailers address the challenges they are facing now and adopt the latest technologies.

Key Challenges Faced by Retail Industry

The retail sector is facing a myriad of issues as it involves dynamic personnel with a huge turnover, versatile identity roles and globally spread locations, and countless online presence. The retail industry players should find out a system to maintain consistency of processes across the platforms and locations, stay compliant according to geographies, and handle the huge loads of consumer data. Retail is one of the top sectors that are prone to data breaches since it deals with a vast amount of consumer data. Hence it is important to find a certified technology partner who brings in domain knowledge that suits your organizational requirements. By trusting Bridgesoft Solutions for your identity and access management needs, you can easily focus on running the business successfully and help you stay ahead of the competition.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

Bridgesoft Solutions has an established portfolio of IAM solutions tailored for the retail industry that address all your business demands. Our IAM and managed IT services quickly identify your business challenges and provide you with unique outcomes to improve services. We help you secure your brand name, customer trust and enhance ROI by helping you enable the right access to the designated people.
Also, retail IAM solutions from Bridgesoft Solutions protect your customer and corporate data while allowing better access to the systems and information. We conduct in-depth evaluations of your environment with proper technology advisory to fulfill your business-specific requirements and workforce competencies. Also, we make sure you capitalize on a solution that will comply with changing regulations. With our IAM solutions you can enhance capacity and reach your goals with increased efficiency, innovation while being compliant; irrespective of your business model (online, storefront, warehouse, or hybrid). Our IAM solutions for retail include single sign-on to help employees sign into applications instantly; password management, identity governance and administration, privileged access management, and more. In the event of a security breach, identity analytics quickly identifies it and helps you resolve it.
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