Identity Governance and Administration

Secure Your Enterprise Identities and Maintain Governance

Digital adoption has brought about swift transformations across industry verticals and organizations, mirroring in their infrastructure, operating environment, technologies, processes, and programs.
Eventually, the number of identities interlinked with the processes and the access to resources have significantly increased when compared to conventional models. It led to more challenges related to digital identity visibility across systems, applications, data, and platforms, creating vulnerability challenges to the organization.
All these reasons urged the organizations to embrace “Identity Governance (IG)”.

Simplifying Identity Governance and Administration

Inappropriate access to digital identities can result in high-level breach risks, which compromise the security mechanism of the organization. This is where identity and access governance come into the picture. It is crucial to include identity governance as an integral part of your existing IT strategy and integrate it with your other security processes.
The identity access governance strategy ensures identity and access systems are constantly monitored, updated, and maintained according to the evolving business processes and environments.
Despite this benefit, many businesses fail to implement IG services or IG solutions successfully and the majority of them report the following challenges:
The vastness and scale of digital identities, integrations involved make it burdensome for the organization to locate related challenges.
The complex nature of IAM identity governance usually demands a robust skillset.
High Outlay
Identity and access management solutions are an add-on process and usually bring additional costs.

Looking for Identity Governance Support?

Bridgesoft Solutions— The pioneer in Identity Governance Solutions in USA | Identity Governance Solutions in Canada
Are you looking out for state-of-the-art Identity Governance services with efficient support services from industry experts? You are at the right place! Bridgesoft Solutions is a leading Sailpoint partnered identity governance services provider catering to the global clientele.
Our expert Identity and access management (IAM) team analyzes our business needs and helps you in achieving complete visibility across your enterprise digital identities.
Our process starts with an assessment of your data health and accordingly takes suitable measures to improve your existing capabilities and maintain the skillsets of the linked resources.
By timely assessment and reporting of risks involved in implementing inappropriate digital identities, we proceed with addressing your breach risks. Next, we will automate associated processes like password resets, access provisions, reducing your manual efforts. We provide policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity management and access control. Identity governance helps support enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance.
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