Identity and Access Management

Highly Secure Access for a Connected World

Organizations today, look for secure, easy, and instant access to information, anywhere, anytime, backed up with efficient measures of control over information access security from real-world threats. In addition, they also abide by the different governing laws and industry-related norms. With disruptive technologies such as BYOD, IoT, M2M communication—on one side the organization’s experience manifold increase in productivity, on the flip side, get exposed to numerous vulnerabilities and threats both internally and externally. Furthermore, during a regulatory, an organization often chooses semi-automated or manual methods that are error-prone and could potentially lead to a failed audit.
In light of this constantly evolving IT landscape, Identity and access management (IAM) services have emerged as a key element of the IT strategy. For any business, protecting valuable assets is important, with the threats evolving constantly, Identity and access management solutions also should be in place to safeguard the business assets from malicious attacks and security threats. Using the right identity and access management solutions, IT can grant access and authorize the appropriate privileges to internal as well as external stakeholders of the organization. With Bridgesoft, it is easy to manage access and overcome security obstacles with an all-inclusive platform
comprising reliable and efficient identity and access management solutions tailored for your business.
For any organization, IAM is a key undertaking. Identity management expenditure can be minimized by organizations that develop established IAM capabilities. Moreover, those organizations can increasingly become agile in accommodating new business initiatives.

Benefits of IAM

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Safeguard Your Business
IAM ensures that the right people have access to sensitive corporate information and systems. It discretely verifies user identities once they log in and also throughout the session. In addition, it helps make intelligent, well-informed decisions to enable/disable user access, and you will unearth outliers and toxic combinations of privileges.
Drive Digital Transformation
Smartly and swiftly enable access to applications and resources, be it on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud. You will be able to provide a seamless experience to your users, whether they are consumers, privileged administrators, or enterprise users.
Enable Compliance
Regulations keep on evolving, something that is there yesterday will change tomorrow (for example GDPR, SOX, PSD2). Manage access certifications centrally, on-boarding and off-boarding, and division of roles, violations, helps you to be prepared in case any new regulations come into the picture.

Why Bridgesoft?

Bridgesoft offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment of the risk, with robust alliance associations with top IAM vendors, Bridgesoft professionals can help enterprises to re-assess  how effectively the customer and employees’ identities are managed to support the business and minimize risk.
The unique combination of capabilities such as in-depth business knowledge, technology expertise, and creative workforce who are fervent about securing and developing your business— make Bridgesoft the pioneer in the field of identity access  management.
Identity and access management is an investment in future-proofing user and access management. Our engineers and experts provide you with all the information required to make an informed decision.
Seamless Integration
Ensure effortless integration to your business and keep up with the changes in your business environment
Better User Experience
Simplified authentication, fast login, single sign-on to all the systems in the organization
Cost Effective
With self-service to create and automation, modify and manage permissions easily
Enhanced Security
With real-time monitoring and reporting, and stringent policies, you can experience improved security

Our Identity and Access Management Offerings

Bridgesoft helps enterprises with state-of-the-art identity access management services spanning from analysis, strategy, implementation to operations which helps establish both human and machine digital identity and their lifecycles with the organizations. All our services are devised to offer a governance framework for effective digital identities and enable enterprises to take smart, risk-based decisions regarding access permissions to information assets and the environments.
The key business and end-user benefits include improved digital identity information for actionable security and user experience, decreased operational outlay as a result of efficient provisioning of access, minimized or single-sign-on opportunities, and easy and operational authentication systems to reduce engagement threshold. With the advent of digital transformation in business models, identity access  management has entered into two broader sectors enterprise identity and access management and consumer identity and access  management according to their functionalities and requirements.
Our IAM services include but are not limited to:
Gathering and evaluating business requirements for IAM
IAM Target State Architecture
IAM Business cases using our models
Developing Enterprise IAM Strategies
Delivering System Integration Services for IAM Roadmap
On-boarding of Applications/Systems
Access Request Process Automation
Access Review and Certification
Role Engineering and Discovery
Automated Provisioning/De-provisioning
Privileged Access Management
Access Control
IAM Business process and Technology Evaluation

Bridgesoft's Approach to Identity Access Management (IAM)

We implement a unique and efficient delivery framework and an established process to ensure a cost-
effective IAM service to our clientele.
Requirement Analysis
Gathering information and scope definition and collaborate with stakeholders. Plan the user types and access scenarios and define the goals the IAM solution should meet.
Design, Development & Migration
Designing the architectural solution, IAM setup, and performing regression testing. Using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning we help you implement a granular approach to data governance and access management.
Production, support & maintenance
Roll-out from production, go live, product support, training, and enhancement. Our experts will always be available to support when you are planning a project expansion or facing technical challenges.

Bridgesoft—Your Strategic Partner for IAM services

With many fruitful years of industry presence in the US and profound knowledge on providing superior IAM services to global clients, Bridgesoft has worked with numerous industry-leading players across business verticals.
Our in-depth subject-matter expertise helped us to be the first choice for many organizations across the US, Canada, and many others.
Bridgesoft is powered by a team of certified Solution Architects, Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Trainers to assist our clients with IAM technology solutions. They are committed to providing the most-suited solutions based on advanced technology and excellent service to numerous clients across the globe.
They relentlessly yearn to augment their expertise with the insights of the top thought leaders and industry experts to acquire their perspective on the future of Identity Management.
Looking for customized technology solutions to cater to your business needs?
Bridgesoft is a leading provider of technology, consulting, and information security management solutions. Bridgesoft's products and services cover a range of areas from physical and logical access and identity management to security risks and threats.
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