Gaming Industry

Gaming is a dynamic industry that is experiencing major transformations due to innovation and proliferation in hardware and software technologies. Though the emergence of the internet and ready-to-play online games has boosted its growth, yet brings its own set of security and identity challenges. All gaming companies should comply with a set of policies and regulations. As the gaming sector is highly IT and labor-intensive, the implementation of robust user-controls and identity access controls is an important pre-requisite for compliance purposes.

Key Challenges Faced by Gaming Industry

The malicious cybercriminals targeting the gaming sector usually develop informal structures that match the efficiencies of typical enterprise processes. These cyber attackers can be developers, PR experts, quality assurance experts who work in the gaming industry as vendors.
Mobile and PC games are more prone to attacks than console-type games which use the patented technology. Mostly, mobile game vendors focus on delivering games with less MB that can overlook security during game development. The hackers can take over the user accounts and steal personal and financial data. In addition, hackers can use the payment code and make the players reveal their account information and credentials to get financial information. The malicious actors make use of this theft data to perform identity theft or access other online accounts. Games are also vulnerable to cyber malware threats that extract personal information. The malware targets stealing personal details such as players’ credentials, bitcoin wallets, location, credit card details, browsing history, saved FTP logins, and so on.

How Bridgesoft Can Help You?

A single password cannot guarantee the protection of sensitive information and personal accounts from cybercriminals. Second-factor authentication is highly recommended to secure sensitive data, so Bridgesoft uses a robust authentical system implementing different authentication procedures available to select from.
Bridgesoft can secure the accounts of the players on the website by providing a robust second factor linked to their gaming account, thus only the authorized player can access the account. With the increasing security breaches on both cloud and on-premises these days, Bridgesoft offers a broad range of authentication methods to ensure the cloud resources and data stay secure. In addition, we offer provisioning and de-provisioning options to ensure on-onboarding and de-provisioning the user into the system is effortless in the light of security issues. Our access and identification management helps in preventing multiple failed attempts to log in.
Bridgesoft’s security experts are involved in developing and implementing a comprehensive solution with customized IAM features to suit your requirements. Our solutions enable frictionless access control for day-to-day needs and help you block any unauthorized access immediately. Being a leader in the identity and access management domain, we can quickly understand your requirements, assess the challenges you are facing, and come up with a personalized solution. For more information on how can we help you, get in touch with us today.
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