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Risk Management & Risk Assessment For New-Age Organizations

The concept of access risk management revolves around managing and mitigating access risks. It includes systems, processes, procedures, tools, tasks, and proper documentation to make sure all the authorizations across the organizations are compliant.
Adopting a digital strategy invites numerous benefits and generates new revenue and ultimately improves agility. However, it brings its own set of risks and threats to both internal and external stakeholders. Implementing an identity-centric approach can majorly reduce the fraud events and shows a great effect on your bottom line.
Technology and security risks have many things in common. Similar to complex financial instruments, information security is also considered highly complicated that is not easily understood by regular or non-IT-related people. We can't deny that fact, but is it not that complicated. The fact is that IT leaders should outline, gauge, and perceive the risk themselves first, and next communicate accordingly with the business stakeholders. Else, the core team will not be in a position to guide their workforce to make intelligent and well-informed decisions regarding their IT processes and practices.

Bridgesoft Risk Management Services

Flexible, comprehensive, risk-based access certification and management services.
With the advent of digital transformation, implementation of new processes for business reinvention, and growth enablement, cyber risks are surmounting day by day. Strategic risk management solutions are important to cope-up with these disruptions and protect your organizational data and assets from security threats.
Bridgesoft risk management services help you devise, deploy and manage security access programs. Our extensive range of risk management services spans risk governance, risk management, and certification. We being a pioneer in the area of risk management, helped many organizations secure their systems from future risks and breaches. We help organizations reach their security goals efficiently but apply industry best practices and processes, thus leaving no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding your sensitive digital assets, systems, data, and applications. 

Our key risk management services include:

  • Risk certification
  • Identity and application risk
  • Risk-based access certification
  • Analytics and access certifications
  • Policy management

How Bridgesoft Risk Management Services Help You?

Alleviate Risks. Amplify Compliance. Give Efficiency A Push.
Efficiently Manage Cyber Risks
Cyber security strategies that are context-centric to reduce cyber risks, develop clear roadmaps, policies and processes to improve the security landscape, know risk levels and get an idea of the risk appetite.
Secure Data
Address data security issues by complying with the regulatory requirements, protecting confidential data implementing security and privacy controls, employing technology solutions, regulatory and contractual procedures to rescue the impact of the breach.
Compliance Management
Simply comply with the international data regulations, implement data privacy mechanisms, protect personally identifiable information, enhance the accuracy of leak detection and avoid data corruption.
Reduce Vendor Risks
Assess, control, and monitor security gaps from third-party vendors and reduce data breaches and monetary risks, administrate third-party measures and automate vendor risk management.
Digitize Risk Management
Integrate all the risk management and mitigation processes, streamline IT to business objectives, protect data, fulfill compliance needs, achieve better governance and visibility.
Risk Monitoring
The risk monitoring process provides you with the information required to improve the visibility of the risk and locate gaps in the systems.
Compliance& Risk Governance
Fulfill all the requirements of the stakeholders including compliance and regulatory needs, using security assessments, penetration testing, industry assessments, and more.
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