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Defining Access Management
Secure access management is one of the top priorities for any organization. But what is access management? To put it in simple words, access management secures the organization's applications and related data by enabling only the right user to have access to it. It provides granular level control over the access by setting proper policies so that authorized users can effortlessly perform their jobs without hassles. Access management helps organizations monitor user access permissions and what risks might arise with each login. It makes life easier for employees, IT teams, hiring managers, and information officers.
The concept of access management revolves around managing reliable sets of access control strategies across the systems. On the other hand, automate access management secures the applications and systems that are exposed internally and externally.
The access management system is used by organizations to manage the access controls of resources by partners, employees, customers, partners, and contractors. Whether it is automated, manually, or coded into systems/applications, access management is becoming increasingly crucial to security. For automated access management, prior knowledge of identities is needed. This is the reason Bridgesoft recommends access management as the pillar of an IT security strategy.

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As a part of access management, authentication refers to devices, systems, and users providing credentials to the access management system before getting permissions for the requested resources.

Single Sign-On

As the name refers, a single sign-on is one-time access to the user to use all the resources. Using this, users can open numerous applications but can log in only once. The key benefit with the single sign-on is the user doesn't need to remember the credentials of different applications.

Federated Single Sign On

This type of access allows users who are outside to domain- for example resources from other organizations or divisions- to access resources that are under the organization's control. A hosted application is the best example of it. A Federated single sign enables the user to use an application that is externally hosted by eliminating the need to input or memorize account credentials.

Privileged Access Management

This category of access management is suitable for users with high-level user privileges- most commonly administrators. Privileged access management users need to execute specific tasks to uncover sensitive resources. As a best practice in IT security, the administrator should be limited to what is allowed to do.
Our services include:
  • Unified access control
  • Adaptive substantiation
  • Single sign-on
  • Access logs
  • Access reviews & certifications
An effective and secure access management solution can help additionally by providing access event data to the IT management team. This helps you to observe in access events like repeated failed authentications linked to security threats from resources.

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