Mobile Application Developer - Freelancer

7 months ago
Asia & Pacific

Job Code:

  • BSMAD-1015

No. of Positions:

  • 1

Job Role:

  • Mobile Application Developer - Freelancer

Job Description:


Are you a Full Stack Java Developer with a passion for building Full Stack
Applications? If so, we have an opportunity for you!


We are looking for a Full Stack Java Developer to join our team. You will be
responsible for designing and developing backend systems, building RESTful APIs,
and working on frontend frameworks like React Native.


You must have strong experience in working with various APIs and frameworks
including Spring Boot, Hibernate/JPA, MySQL, Spring MVC and RESTful APIs. You
should also be familiar with HTML5 and JavaScript and developing React Native
applications using the latest frameworks and tools, including Airbnb's Flux, Redux,
and MobX libraries.


Our team is looking for someone who can work independently, collaborate with other
teams members as well as clients from other companies. Candidates must also be
able to handle multiple projects at one time with excellent problem solving skills.
This is not an entry-level position;You will be working on a freelance basis, so you do
not need any experience with the company's current clients or products. However,
we are looking for someone who has experience with other projects with complex
requirements and tight deadlines in the past and is willing to learn new things as they
arise during their employment with us.


Your work must be high quality, with attention paid to every detail. You will also be
responsible for maintaining your codebase in order to keep it running smoothly.


If these key points sound like you, please apply today!


  • Bachelor’s / Master's degree in Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Employment Type:

  • Contract

Years of Exp:

  • 2 Years

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